Teachwell | How To Undermine Your Own Women’s Movement and Alienate People
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How To Undermine Your Own Women's Movement and Alienate People


I read this blog with interest and felt an intense need to respond.


Claim sexism is everywhere, I mean everywhere and that all men are by virtue of being male sexist and actively oppressing women. 


Find some women who agree with you, even though they make confusing claims about masculine and feminine traits being biologically determined (and therefore confirm the stereotypes you supposedly disagree with). Pretend not to notice this contradiction.


Retweet positive blogs from women in your movement but ignore any negative ones. Claim to speak for all ‘sensible’ women who know they are being oppressed and don’t suffer from false consciousness. 


Highlight a picture, say it was offensive, and after it has been removed and person has apologised, keep having a go at them. Preferably over the course of a few weeks. Do not under any circumstances accept it was a joke, don’t accept the apology and do not point out any of the pictures posted back to aforementioned person which would indicate the people being tweeted understood it was a joke. 


Constantly question in a passive aggressive way any women who don’t agree with you and self-appoint yourself to determine what ‘women’s’ problems and issues are.


Openly accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being sexist and don’t ask yourself if you indeed represent the group you say you do. 


Direct people to the women who have chosen not to further their careers or who seem to have no actual incidences of sexism to report, claim that only women who are ‘aping’ men don’t believe that there is a problem. 


Tell men they are actively prejudiced without any evidence and allow men who agree with you to claim they are ‘feminists’, again without any evidence.


Claim quotas are brilliant but fail to recognise that in education this would only mean quotas for women in secondary leadership, ignore completely the fact that it would mean quotas for men for class teacher roles in both primary and secondary as well as primary leadership.


Complain about government working parties being unequal but then stay silent when ones are appointed with female chairs and equal representation.


When data shows there is no problem claim women are being discriminated against anyway and make up statistics on discrimination. Also exaggerate the (non-existent or small) pay gap without looking at whether it can be explained by any other factors.


Finally, if all else fails ignore the fact that the movement is mostly made up of middle class, white women and claim that you speak for all women anyway, even when women from different backgrounds make it clear that you don’t. (Got to love false consciousness)


No organisation at present speaks for the majority of women in education.


The ones that do exist constitute a tiny minority of the female teaching population.


The current feminist agenda of certain bloggers and tweeters, which again there is no evidence that the majority of female teachers support, seems to seek continual conflict, instead of tackling specific instances of sexism.


Some have gone as far as state that the principle of proportionality in education as opposed to equality is justified and yet can not seem to understand what a deeply hypocritical position this is. If this is the case, then the majority of leaders in tech/computing firms should be white men because they constitute the majority of the workforce.


Lastly, we are all human, and those who seeks to stake that one group of humans is better or superior (even in response to alleged prejudice) to another is simply fighting prejudice with prejudice. If you can find an example where this has led to a positive outcome for all then please do indicate it. Personally, I never have.

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