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  • Accountability Measures?

    Accountability Measures?

    No accountability measure is perfect.

    But this does not justify the creation of one based on the elision of whole groups of children with a wide variety of needs and assumptions unsupported by evidence using a secretive mechanism.

  • Statues Must Fall – Erasing History or Righting Wrongs?

    Statues Must Fall – Erasing History or Righting Wrongs?

    It was a pleasure and privilege to be invited by Claire Fox to take part in the debate on statues alongside Patrick Vernon OBE (@ppvernon), Dr Cheryl Hudson (@HudsCheryl) and Dr Nicholas Draper.

    The link to the debate and initial readings is here:

    Here is my 5 minute introduction speech that I made (the focus of which was the UK moreso than the US, as were my responses during the debate):

    One of the most interesting aspects of this issue is how little it is about the statues involved, the past or the current state of race relations in either the US or the UK.

  • Genre Overload: rED17

    Genre Overload: rED17

    My rED 17 talk and slides.

  • Shared Understanding is Vital to Writing

    Shared Understanding is Vital to Writing

    As I argued in my last blog, self-expression as the aim of a writing curriculum is a dead-end. To move forward, we need to strip back what has become an over-complicated process.At its heart writing is communication and thus requires shared understanding of it’s rules and norms to be effective. This should be the goal […]

  • Express Yourself

    Express Yourself

    While writing as a means of self-expression has undoubtedly enriched humanity, it can’t be the primary goal if we are to create a literate society.

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